Our Standing Committees do the work of the Placer County Democratic Central Committee. They are comprised of members of our Central Committee as well as member of our community.

Campaign Services

The Candidate Services Sub-Committee will be a standing Sub-Committee and has jurisdiction for:

  1. Candidate recruitment.

  2. Recommendations for campaign contributions.

  3. Recommendations for candidate endorsements.

  4. Recommendations for endorsements of local ballot propositions.

This committee is chaired by Jan Bell and meets the fourth Monday of the month at our Headquarters.

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The Resolutions Committee shall review resolutions referred to it by the Executive Board or the Central Committee, and make recommendations as to the resolutions the Central Committee should endorse. The Resolutions Committee may also draft its own resolutions to be submitted to the Central Committee for approval.

The Resolutions Committee is Chaired by Scott Warren.

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The Fundraising Committee shall identify fundraising opportunities, and plan fundraising events.

The Fundraising Committee is chaired by Horace Snowden.

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The Communications Committee shall determine the modes by which the Central Committee will communicate with its members, with Democratic activists, and with Democrats voters in Placer County. The Communications committee will set up and manage the modes of communication.

The Communications Committee is Chaired by Terry Brady and meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at our Headquarters.

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The Governance Committee shall recommend changes to the Central Committee’s Bylaws, and provide advice concerning any questions that might arise about the interpretation of the Bylaws.

The Governance Committee shall be responsible for review of club charter applications and club recertification applications. This committee will review applications and submit recommendations to the PCDCC on decisions of club charters.

The Governance Committee is Chaired by Greg Harnage and meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at our headquarters.

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Voter Registration

The Voter Outreach Committee shall coordinate voter registration activities, including participation in concert with the county office of elections and other outside organizations to encourage Democratic registration in the county.

The Voter Registration committee is chaired by Rosemary Dukelow and meets alongside the Voter Engagement committee on first Tuesday of the month at our Headquarters.

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Voter Engagement

This committee shall work to facilitate where possible general community involvement, and shall be responsible for coordinating possible PCDCC efforts during GOTV initiatives.

The Voter Engagement committee is chaired by Rosemary Dukelow and meets alongside the Voter Registration committee on first Tuesday of the month at our Headquarters.

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The Legislative Committee will track legislation passing through various state governmental committees, present a full bill analysis, research bill amendments and revisions, draft a statement of pros and cons, align with other coalition or advocacy groups, and attend hearings in order to build mutually beneficial alliances. The Legislative Committee may recommend that the PCDCC endorse or oppose legislation.

The Legislative Committee is chaired by Angela Torrens and meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at our Headquarters.

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Many Hands Make Light Work.

If you would like to join one of these committees and help contribute to the success of our Central Committee, please reach out to the Chair of the committee of your interest and volunteer to help.