Central Committee Members


Executive Board

Executive Board members serve two-year terms and are elected at Organization meetings in even-numbered years.


Tomas Vera, Chair

Tomas represents Placer County’s 5th supervisory district. He is a resident of Applegate and is a California native. Past chair of the Placer County Latino Democratic Club, he is working for a fair and practical solution to our immigration problems.

Greg Harnage, First Vice Chair

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Angela Torrens, Second Vice Chair

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Martha Hanley, Controller

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Ellen Debach-Riley, Secretary

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Central Committee Members

Central Committee members are elected by the Democratic Voters of the Placer County. They serve four-year terms and are elected in the primary election of Presidential election years.

Supervisor District 2
(Western Rocklin and Lincoln)

  • Martha Hanley

  • Horace Snowden

  • Angela Torrens

  • Scott Warren

Supervisor District 1
(Western Roseville)

  • CJ Jawahar

  • Joe Mlakar

  • Linda Tennies

  • Wayne Waggoner

  • Brian Ziel

Supervisor District 4
(Eastern Roseville and Granite Bay)

  • Jan Brown

  • Wes Clark

  • Greg Harnage

  • Glenda Wertenberger

Supervisor District 3
(Eastern Rocklin, Loomis, Penryn, and Newcastle)

  • Cynthia Davis

  • Nancy Tilcock

  • Bob Vizzard

  • Maureen Valli

Supervisor District 5
(Auburn, Colfax and Eastern Placer County)

  • Delana Ruud

  • Nicole Lutkemuller

  • Terry Rodriguez

  • Barbara Smith

  • Tomas Vera

Club Representatives

Club Representatives are appointed by our chartered Democratic Clubs in accordance with each club’s bylaws.

Ex-Officio Members

Ex-Officio members are granted membership by virtue of having run for partisan office, or holding a California Democratic Party position.

  • Congressional District 01 - Audrey Denney

  • Congressional District 04 - Jessica Morse (alternate: Kate Scott)

  • State Senate District 01 - Silke Pflueger

  • State Senate District 04 - Phil Kim

  • Assembly District 01 - Elizabeth Betancourt

  • Assembly District 05 - Carla J. Neal

  • Assembly District 06 - Jackie Smith (alternate: Kathleen Crawford)

  • CDP Regional Director 01E - Bill Monroe

  • CDP Regional Director 03 - Eric Sunderland

  • CDP Regional Director 04 - Alejandro R.Carrillo