Did you know? A new paradigm is upon us. Soon the first votes will be cast that will eventually lead to the transformation of our country. This change will be actualized in the form of a blue wave that will sweep across our nation. In a short time, we will once again be represented and led by people that emphasize, encourage, and promote diversity, inclusion, dignity, respect, and prosperity for all. On January 27 & 28, 2018, Democrats will meet locally throughout California to try and determine who will receive the party’s endorsement for U.S. Congress, State Senate, and State Assembly. These meetings are called Pre-Endorsement Conferences. The purpose of the pre-endorsement process it to identify the candidate that will have the best chance of victory in the November General Election. The party will unify behind that candidate. CADEM logo During these meetings local party leaders consisting of Central Committee Members and representatives from their Chartered Clubs or Organizations will gather to vote for the candidates. If a candidate receives over 70% of the vote at the Pre-Endorsement Conference, they will automatically be placed on the Consent Calendar at the California Democrats State Convention on February 23-25, 2018. This is a fancy way of saying that the candidate will receive the official endorsement from the California Democratic Party. If a candidate receives 50 – 70% of the vote at the Pre-Endorsement Conference, then all candidates will go to the Endorsing Caucus at the State Convention. If a candidate emerges from the Endorsing Caucus with over 60% of the vote, they will become the officially endorsed candidate for the party. If a candidate emerges from the State Convention as the officially endorsed candidate, the other candidates will stop their campaigns and support the endorsed candidate. This will ensure that only one Democrat will be on the ballot for the California primary on June 5, 2018. This is incredibly important because California has an open-primary system. This means that the two candidates who receive the most votes in the primary will face off in the general election, even if they are from the same party. California Cities Having only one Democrat on the ballot for the June primary will ensure that all Democratic votes go to the endorsed candidate. This will significantly increase the likelihood that the Democratic candidate will emerge from the June primary as one of the top two vote getters. This must happen in order to have a chance to unseat the incumbent Republican. On the other hand, if no candidate leaves the State Convention as the officially endorsed candidate, the Pre-Endorsement process for that particular race would conclude. All eligible candidates would compete in the June primary. If a Democrat finishes in first or second place in the primary, that candidate would receive the party’s endorsement. If you would like to participate in the Pre-Endorsement process and/or meet the candidates, please refer to the schedule below. For more information on the Pre-Endorsement process or the California Democratic Party, please visit the California Democratic Party website at