Our local Democratic Clubs are the strength and source of Democratic Activism in the Placer County Area. Placer County Democratic Party currently has eight chartered Democratic Clubs. Generally, clubs exist to establish a congenial environment within which members may discuss issues of mutual concern, to promote candidates, policies and ideals of the Democratic Party, to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in a significant way in the conduct of public affairs, to observe the political actions of elected officials representing jurisdictions within which members of the club may live, to study and take positions on public policy issues, to track progress of legislation and administrative actions affecting issues on which the club has taken a position, to engage in actions to persuade policymakers to support the club’s positions, to increase voter registration and to support the Placer County Democratic Central Committee in its activities.

Roseville Junction Democratic Club

Tahoe Truckee Democrats

Westpark Democrats

If you’re interested in forming a club in your area, please contact us. According to State by-laws, any organization which uses the name “Democrat” and raises money must obtain a charter from the County Central Committee of the county in which they operate. In order to be a chartered Democratic club an organization must have: A minimum of 20 registered Democrats, a majority of whom reside in the same Assembly District and/or belong to the group the club intends to represent (youths from 16 to 18 may join if they sign a statement that it is their intent to register as a Democrat at 18). A set of bylaws which establishes annual dues, nomination, election and term of officers and a regular meeting schedule. All general program meetings must be open to the public. Clubs may make endorsements in non-partisan elections but may not endorse, support, encourage or help non-Democratic candidates in partisan and non-partisan elections.